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the effects of obamacare including the medical device tax that is cutting r&d and causing layoffs across the country in the most innovative firms, the fact that so many people who were intending to no longer going into medicine, thank you, brain drain, a consequence of obamacare, and doctor who were individual practicers are either bailing and retiring all together or going into concierge care. have you heard that term? do you know the people that are shutting down their practices, dropping insurance all together where now only the wealthiest can pay for care. congratulations obamacare. heck of a job. >> stephanie: so we tried to impact that little rice ball of nonsense yesterday. and i got a letter i sent to you. dede rights malkin is right. hey, steph the hospitals systems have brought up the big doctor practices. smaller doctors were not brought into their systems. medicare pays three times the amount that they pay a single doctor. i'm related to a physician. there is going to be a shortage of doctors. i'm very concerned -- blah blah blah. what are your thoughts on
: really? >> i think that's the -- >> stephanie: interesting. >> big huge taxes to pay for roads! that's socialism! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. bill o'reilly and bob beckel. >> the 60% who are answering approve of barack obama even though the economy is bad after -- >> it is better than it was -- >> yes, it is too. how can you possibly come up with -- >> it is not better than it used to be -- >> it is not going under water -- you have just wrong about this. >> yeah. i want you to understand where beckel is coming from. he will not admit it is worst than it was when the president took over. >> stephanie: i heard on fox and friends yesterday, i guess his approval rating is high because so many people are getting handouts. that's why -- >> because 60% of america is getting a hand out. >> i haven't gotten mine. where is mine at? >> stephanie: we're all a bunch of moochers. >> meanwhile the u.s. economy added 157,000 jobs -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: shut up! shhhh! >> stephanie: although the jobless rate did tick up to 7.9%. >> aha! [
in the real word the medical device tax is causing layoffs across the country, the fact that so many people who were intending to go into medicine are no longer going into medicine. and the fact that so many small businesses doctors who were individual practitioners are either bailing and retiring all together or going into concierge care. people are shutting down their practice as they used to be constituted, dropping insurance all together, where now only the wealthiest can pay for care. congratulations obamacare heck of a job. >> stephanie: wow. first of all that's michelle malkin talking about brain drain on fox. secondly, there are no more doctors. >> yeah, it's going to be hysterical when we talk about obamacare, because it's so close, october of this year you'll be able to enroll in obamacare, and the moment the first applications come in collectively the right-wing world will explode. >> stephanie: okay. and we finish with bill o'reilly. >> many americans disrespectfully feel like they can do whatever they want to do. on the net troubled people say th
hundreds of attacks on our rights from gun licensing to gun rationing, taxes and is your taxes on -- surtaxes on guns and ammo bans on gun shows and more. so steph remember this. we're still fighting gun-hating, federal bureaucrats militant, anti-gun judges at the federal state and local levels. you win global diplomats in congress. and the state legislatures. >> stephanie: a little wordy. >> freedom hating billionaires. >> stephanie: all right. thank you. dear god. here is peppy le pew's former lover, wayne lapierrre. >> there will be people caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare and abuse in terms of prosecutions. and it is all going to affect only the law-abiding people. the criminals could care less. >> stephanie: thanks for playing missing the point entirely. >> gun? wow! >> stephanie: see what you did there? >> how does anyone survive in europe without having an entire arsenal? >> stephanie: the former president of the nra told cnn the group has -- we have flip-flopped on background checks. yes, we have. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] back in 1996, they ran ads saying it
up at his door scandally clad and threatening a tax penalty. >> wow. i never thought this would happen to me. >> stephanie: pardon me? >> nothing it's a penthouse forum. >> stephanie: a guy thing. i had a guy thing happen to me the other day. here is the part i thought it was a joke. irs spokesman richard panic -- [ laughter ] >> stephanie: really, his name is dick panic -- and a story about -- >> wow. >> stephanie: he said he couldn't comment because his name is dick panic. >> what a panic. [ giggling ] >> stephanie: he is in a bit of one, apparently. the irs is in trouble with dick panic around there. okay. >> oh god. >> stephanie: all righty then. let's just move on, shall we? >> please. >> all right. okay. >> stephanie: tell us about your man moment -- >> stephanie: where is my porn music. [ porn music ] >> stephanie: you know how you say i'm gay and men hear three-way. >> yes. >> dick panic had a threeway with you? what? >> stephanie: i went to a dinner party and this guy said she had a girlfriend you wanted to meet. and then he came to my super bowl part
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5